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Welcome to ART FOR BID!

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Please read the terms and conditions before you participate  in the bidding process. On accepting the terms and conditions you may begin filling up the form you may enter your bid amount in the column provided and submit the form mentioning the Code no. of the Art Image as mentioned under each of the images.

On successful completion of the form you may enter your bid amount and click save.

Please visit the site after 2 hours, a mandatory window period for bidders to make their bids.

If after 2 hours, you find higher bids to yours you may choose to increase the bid and the window time for the second attempt will be 1 hour. If there are no bidders after your 1st bid after the stipulated time of 2 hours, the auction will be deemed as final bid and you will be selected as the winner. And you will be provided with a link to download the auctioned high resolution image. The link will expire after you download it.

ART FOR BID is an exclusive online art auction initiative of Acropetal Animation India Pvt Ltd.

 You may use the downloaded zipped file to print on any surface  like paper or any thicker material of your choice. 

If you increase your bid to that of others the window time for the 2nd bid will be 1 hour as mentioned earlier. If after 1 hour you find the bid still open you may continue to bid further or choose to exit.


If you continue to bid higher than others the final window for the 3rd bid will open in 30 minutes. And after 30 minutes the highest bidder will be declared the winner and allotted the link to download. Further all the bidders who have made it to the 3rd round will be offered their entry fee as a return gift.

Please note that you may print as many as you wish and are strictly for personal use only and cannot be sold or resold or circulated on any media or social platforms or websites.

Please note that anyone of 18 years and above can only participate in the bid.

Online Art Bid

Open your bid with only $ 1


art for bid logo baseline.png

Thanks for joining the bid

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