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Introducing ART FOR BID where you can fix the amount and download your favorite Artwork immediately. That's right, starting today you can visit our unique art gallery, pick any or as many as you wish and enter your offer amount for each of the Artworks and download them straight away or buy it at the bare minimum of $1 mentioned as a default price. No questions asked.

Imagine picking a beautiful piece of art for your living room wall at an offer price chosen by you. Awesome!

ART FOR BID has a wide collection of various styles of artworks ranging from paintings, pencil sketches, designs, and creative icons. And the gallery will be fast filling up with more of such unique creative work of art. 


Check it out and pick one for every room and surprise your better half! And you can boast you broke the bank for them.

ART FOR BID New Logo.png

Our Art.Your Price!

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